SoCraTes Conference 2017 - Software Craftsmanship and Testing

SoCraTes 2017

7th International Software Craftsmanship and Testing Conference in Germany

24 - 27 August 2017, Soltau, Germany

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This event is about the sustainable creation of useful software in a responsible way.

It's about People

Everyone who is concerned with coding, testing, code quality, software craftsmanship, if …

  • you are passionate about software development and testing.
  • you have already heard of Software Craftsmanship or even already are part of the growing community.
  • you want to share your knowlege, experience and expertise.

It's about Action

The event will be run as a non-profit, low-cost event. It is a joint-effort of all Softwerkskammer groups, the community of all German-speaking Software Craftsmanship groups. It will be much like a retreat. We will be there for 48 hours to collaborate and share ideas. There will be:

  • Highly collaborative interactions
  • A self-organized Open Space, with …
    • hands-on coding sessions
    • sessions focused on discussion
    • interactive talks
    • lots more

It's about Fun

We will not only spend the days together but also the nights. And – believe it or not – programmers are a great company! There will be lots of opportunities to spend your time. Starting with simple chilling over hiking and biking, playing games, hanging around, talking, laughing, …

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