Hotelpark Soltau

Out in the country, approximately one hour from Hamburg.

It offers great facilities for community-centered events with included accommodation. We have rented most of the facility, so we can concentrate on what we like to do most.

The hotel's website (German only)

Directions to SoCraTes Venue

The address: Hotel Park Soltau, Winsener Str. 111, 29614 Soltau

By Train

Here are several predefined trips that might suit you:

If you are searching for a connection yourself, be sure to give"Soltau Nord"as the destination station. It's the railway station that's right next to the venue.

There is another station called "Soltau" which is serviced more frequently but which may make a taxi ride necessary. Please check Google Maps for distances.

The portal of the german railway is at and in english.

By Car

Try searching for direction on Google Maps

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We prepare a great stage for you. 24 hours a day.

You will definitely not only hang around in the meeting rooms. Since we have rented most of the facility there will be many places to meet and discuss in a relaxed way. Enjoy the air, the sun, the landscape.

Soltau inner yard


Some of the venue's rooms are twin rooms. An important aspect of SoCraTes is its closedness where everything happens in the same location. Therefore, we can only accept as many participants as there are beds available.

When you register, you can let us know whom you'd be willing to share a room with. Even if you don't know anybody just yet, we will do all we can to find a suitable roommate for you. After registration you'll be able to access the SoCraTes Wiki, where you can get to know other participants before the conference, share information about Taxi- and Ride sharing and other organisational matters.